Thursday, 30 April 2015

A post I did on fb whilst waiting for the Tax office to answer my call today

  • Fun and games.with Masonic/cult players within civil services
    post man just arrived with letter from tax office dated 24 march saying i must respond by 23 now on hold to speak tax office,,,,so far been waiting 17 minutes ,,,i will wait 20 mins then use trigger words to speed them up cos this all costs
  • Louise Clarke well that didnt work so i spose that means they are already on my phone line,,,22 mins now still holding
  • Louise Clarke still holding 26 mins just talked about drug trade in return for arms that didnt work
  • Louise Clarke child trafficking in return for arms and drugs
  • Louise Clarke these 3 industries are run to fund black ops////stilll waiting
  • Louise Clarke the money is laundered through eastern european countries i believe
  • Louise Clarke the hampstead case is a tavistock spin....
  • Louise Clarke just like all the other media covered SRA back to the 80s /////////////////////still no answer 29 mins
  • Louise Clarke all these spins by the tavistock are to bring in changes to policies to silence any one from coming forwards regarding SRA,,,,whereby they then silence the say parents
  • Louise Clarke bring in policies and new laws in the name of care....still waiting so ill go on
  • Louise Clarke currently the hampstead case claims that the police are to be investigating the case and evidence etc,,,,like the fake police interviews ,,,,
  • Louise Clarke which intrigues me as to how the Police are going to view these interviews......for they know they aint kosha
  • Louise Clarke not in accordance to proceedures of interviews so will they say this or not notice ????????????????????????
  • Louise Clarke still waiting 35 mins
  • Louise Clarke the thing is with these sorts of cases is they are all done in a way that no one really knows what is true ,,,,like how come the 'good' police dont point out the police interviews aint kosha,,,,,is it cos they are told by MI5 not to get involved
  • Louise Clarke but see MI5 sit with the evidence on cults and who is a nonce etc
  • Louise Clarke the people spinning these stories are being truthful they dont realise they are being used as puppets by the puppeteers .................still waiting 38 mins
  • Louise Clarke and the puppeteers that work along side the tavistock stay well back,,,,,,,
  • Louise Clarke my money os on belinda and sabine being those puppeteers....course i could be wrong,,,,,,but something inside says im not
  • Louise Clarke thing is also many puppets dont even know they are programmed,,,so operate by strings the puppeteers pull and well some puppets aint aware how this is done,,,,,and the sick puppeteers sit back and laugh ,,,,,,,,,and stay well away from me,,,,,best they can
  • Louise Clarke course i know im a puppet and that they are puppeteers and i also therefore recognise the puppets,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,still waiting,,,they mmust want me to carry on,,,,43 mins
  • Louise Clarke they want us to fight each they create divide and rule......amoungst us,,,,,,so like you see in the hunger games they play us against each other to take each other down,,,by exposing them....and meanwhile then we dont see who is pulling the strings
  • Louise Clarke still waiting 45 mins
  • Louise Clarke but i say no dont let their divisive tactics work...but unite together,,,,unity through diversity ...thats the way
  • Louise Clarke all the rallys are their doings as far as im concerned....some people recognise some as being set up by CIA but really tavistock think tanks design them....
  • Louise Clarke they sit and work out how to bring in the NWO via using us programmed slaves ,,getting us to do their dirty work...put our buts on the line......still waiting 49 mins
  • Louise Clarke so its like a puppet show...a theatre ,,for the elite to watch,,,,same as hunger game ,,,divided into disttricts
  • Louise Clarke in britain the districts are,,of course north south divide
  • Louise Clarke down south i understand it to be like london,,,,and plymouth....brian garish someohow puppeteers plymouth it think it is but also somehow connect with north
  • Louise Clarke running uk colume ,,,,spinning nonse-ese about common purpose,,,,which is like a decoy a red herring
  • Louise Clarke cos yes many of those cult member civil servants do belong to common purpose but spin cos,,,,,,,,,,whether they do or not ,,,is really irrelevant,,,,cult membered civil servants do the dirty work for cults who trade in these children the steal from their parents ,,,,,
  • Louise Clarke then the north has like a alternative tv ,,,,
  • Louise Clarke which they can promote the comforming puppets or puppeteers on,,,,by using real victims to stand up on
  • Louise Clarke steering the public minds away from other cases,,,,and making it look like they are addressing so no need for public to worry,,,democracy rules
  • Louise Clarke then the puppets on the ground can see certain aspects of each case aint kosha,,,,some have already learnt of some of the puppeteers before in previous cases...............still waiting....59 mins
  • Louise Clarke got answer ,,worker having trouble opening my file so put me on hold music
  • Louise Clarke ill make a coffee brb
  • Louise Clarke ok she took some more details and now im back on hold....
  • Louise Clarke so those who have already watched previous puppet shows are not prepared to be spun again,,,,,,,and new puppets defend the puppeteers
  • Louise Clarke transfered
  • Louise Clarke first worker says she is not trained in disability so now gave details to next worker and on hold again...1 hour 16 mins in
  • Louise Clarke so yes divide and rule betwwen the puppets ,,and energy of support gets suck into tavistock puppet show vortex
  • Louise Clarke all sorted ,,,nothing to be concerened about said tax helpline,,,as when they didnt recieve a response they worked it out by another means,,,,by folks

    Sheva Burton chats with Me Louise Clarke: Fiona Barnett; Tavistock Puppet show distracts public from Royal Commision case

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